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Grip strap


Product Description


  1. Grip strap corresponding to both single lens reflex and mirrorless. With slide legs to prevent collapse.
  2. It is a grip strap that corresponds to both single lens reflex and mirrorless camera.
  3. It has a slide leg that prevents the camera from falling forward due to the weight of the lens when placed on a table or the like.
  4. It is a specification for mirrorless camera at the time of purchase.
  5. For single lens reflex cameras, use the strap section in combination.
  6. You can use it for the camera whose screw hole position at the bottom of the camera is within the range of the figure (adaptive camera).

※ Cannot be used for cameras with large diameter protruding from the bottom of the camera.


  1. Base Size: W50×H90×D15mm
  2. Weight: 70g
  3. Timing Strap Width: 10mm (Used only when installing single lens reflex)
  4. Material: Pad: Chloroprene rubber/Strap: PP/Base: PC, ABS, rubber
  5. Fits: Free Size
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